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★Spread the Word☆

♥...~*<a community for sharing what you love>*~...♥

♥..Recomend it..♥.. Reccomend it..♥
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Welcome to reccomend_it !

I do realize the name is spelled incorrectly,
that's because the right way was taken by another user (they never completed their community though.

This community is for RECOMMENDING things to others.
food combinations
communities and websites including yours (however, this is not an community advertisement community, so excessiveness or inapropriatness will not be tolerated)
and (just about) ANYTHING ELSE!

Spread the word!

If it rox! Tell us about it.

Share what you love.


(If I find a post unsuitable I will delete it with OR without warning)
80's movies, 80's music, acting, adult swim, advertising, advice, ah my goddess, alice in wonderland, american history x, american mcgee's alice, amy lee, angel sanctuary, angelina jolie, anime, anything, art, artsy movies, audrey hephburn, books, bowling for columbine, boys, brand new, britney spears, buying, cars, cartoons, cats, cds, chobits, clothes, codes, coffee, commenting, communities, computers, conan o' brian, concerts, cooking, cool, critics, darklands, dashboard confessional, dling, dogs, donnie darko, downloading, drawing, dvds, earthbound, ebay, edward furlong, everclear, everything, fashion, favorite stuff, favorites, ff7, ff9, ffx, finding, fiona apple, food, friends, fruits basket, ghosts, girls, gone with the wind, guys, him, hints, icons, internet, inuyasha, jake gyllenhaal, johnny depp, kawaii, kazaa, kissing, laughing, life, linkin park, lord of the rings, love, magazines, makeup, manga, metallica, money, movies, mp3s, music, n64, new stuff, new things, nichole kidman, nirvana, one tree hill, painting, philosophy, photography, piercings, places, poetry, posting, pot, ps2, psychology, punk, queen, random questions, randomness, reading, recipies, recommending, replying, restaurants, rock, rq, sex, sex advice, sex and the city, shoes, shopping, singing, something, spirited away, spoon, stores, stuff, stuff to do, sublime, sundance, talking, techtv, television, telling, the cure, the shawshank redemption, things, tips, tokyo mew mew, tool, traveling, tv, vegan, video games, websites, what, women, writing